Monday, 24 July 2017

Fantasy Feather by Terri Koszler

Today I am sharing my mixed media Fantasy feather with you.  I wanted to show how you can use different paint mediums on one  project. So grab yourself a cuppa and lets take a look at how I put my project together.


I started by sketching out a feather onto a piece of gesso coated canvas board using a regular pencil. 
I then applied some masking solution to the feather and allowed this to dry.

The next step was to create the background using Brusho, I applied some Ultra Marine, Emerald Green and Purple to a wet surface and then spritzed with lots of water. I tilted the board to help move the colour around and then put it to one side to dry.

I removed the masking fluid and set about painting the feather with Aztec Lustre paints, I applied several coats for a solid covering and allowed it to dry naturally.  Next i set about adding detail to the feather with a black pen, adding doodles as I went.

I used a silver paint pen to add some wispy hair like detail between the feather segments,then flicked some white paint onto the background. I placed a few sequins and wrote a quote onto card and applied each word individually to fill around the feather.

I hope you've enjoyed today's post, Please leave me a post and tell me what you think of my project and the use of multiple paint mediums.


Friday, 21 July 2017

Fantasy Brusho flowers by Rebecca Yoxall

Hi All,

You may remember in my last post I gave you a couple of simple techniques for creating basic flower shapes and stems with Brusho. Sprinkling the crystal colours onto dry watercolour paper and using a wet brush to paint petals. Also painting shapes with water onto your paper then shaking the colour into the water.

Today I want to show you some of  the fantasy flowers that have come out of my imagination whilst playing with these techniques. I have also used a water spray to push the colour around, I have applied wax to act as a resist. I have dragged and moved the Brusho whilst wet with a bamboo pen to achieve very fine lines. It is great to use a pipette for applying water to the paper in which to sprinkle the brusho powder too. And if that wasn't enough sometimes I like a bit of extra sparkle so I paint with the lustre and metallic paints to create a shimmer when the painting catches the light.

I enjoy the colours the shapes the textures of flowers and have spent lots of time over the years drawing them from life, but I also love the fact that I can totally play around and create any magical new varieties that I wish. 
Anything goes :-)

We can't compete with the beauty of nature so why not just make up your own completely new fantasy and imaginary flower shapes. Absolutely anyone can paint with Brusho in this way and it's a great little project for kids too :-)

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Video - Introduction to Wax Resist Sticks by Kate


today we will have fun with cool Wax Resist Sticks. I will show you how they work and what can you do with them. I have for you 2 art journal pages as sample.

Have a nice day
Kate Dachovska

Monday, 17 July 2017

Wild Garden by Ewelina Gryglak

Hello! Ewelina here again.

Today, I have for you a mini canvas which I called 'Wild Garden'.

For this project I did two things I haven't tried before:

1. After creating the first layer of colour, I rubbed the Brusho Wax Sticks all over the canvas, sprinkled some Brusho and sprayed with water. Instead of blending together and soaking into the canvas, the pigments mixed with water creating little colour droplets - you can see the effect in the photo below.


2. I mixed my Brusho with water until I achieved the desired colour. I then added a small amount of the Brusho Thickener and mixed it in until it set into a gel-like consistence. I then run it through a stencil to create an additional layer of colour and texture. You can see the darker green swirls in the photo below.

To finish the design, I layered various floral die-cuts I made using 7gypsies Architextures papers - their earthy shades contrast pretty nicely with the bright greens of the background.

I only attached them at the very bottom of their stems so that they create movement and additional dimension.

You can see the process here... well, most of it as my batteries died while filming and, being totally engrossed in the play, I didn't notice :)

I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Thank you for stopping by again. See you in two weeks!


Saturday, 15 July 2017

Stenciled Flower Cards by Sarah

Hi Everyone..

I hope you are all having a great day... I have a little tutorial for you today where we will be adding brusho to texture paste to create a coloured paste, this will then be stenciled onto black card and used to create lovely vibrant cards.

Step 1 - you will need a small amount of texture paste

Step 2 - sprinkle on some of your favourite brusho

Step 3 - with a pallet knife work the brusho into the texture paste
Step 4 - Pick your stencil, place on black card and apply your colourful texture paste

Step 5 - Remove stencil and set aside to dry naturally

Step 6 - mix a small amount of brusho with water and paint direct to the stenciled paste to add highlights around the edges

Step 7 - Once your texture paste is completely dry you can then use these to create some clean and simple cards...

I loved adding brusho to the texture paste, you can even create custom colours by mixing brusho together into the paste ...  I hope you enjoyed today's cards and try out this fun technique to create some of your own bright and colourful cards

Sarah x