Monday, 11 December 2017

Beary Christmas by Terri Koszler

As Christmas draws closer I find myself trying to make some last moment gifts and decorations, so today I am sharing an easy Christmas project that could be used in many ways.

Starting with a round cork coaster I add a layer of blue Aztec Eco Metallic paint to represent the sky, I dont bring the sky to the bottom of my coaster as I am going to be adding some snow.

I then add some little stars using a stencil and pearl soft form relief paste

Next I stamp and fussy cut a Polar bear from a stamp set I got free with a craft magazine. I add a sparkle to the bear using a sparkle pen in my stash.

I placed the bear on some foam tape and added it to the coaster

I then add a layer of  EXpandit 3D expanding medium to the base of the coaster to give the impression of snow.  It's only when heated that you see the magic happen, it starts to expand and bubble creating a lovely texture.

You could use the coaster as a tree decoration by punching a hole in the top and threading some twine or ribbon through the hole. You could even add it to the front of a card with some re positional tape and the recipient can then remove the decoration and keep it for years to come.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Winter glow by Rebecca Yoxall

Hey you!
Thanks for stopping by, hope you are having a great day.
I'm sharing some ideas using Brusho and EXpandIT for creating a lovely winter themed painting that has a real cosy glow.

I first began by sprinkling Brusho onto dry paper in a sort of bullseye pattern. Yellow in the middle, then orange, then a ring of purple around that and finally ultramarine all over the background. I sprinkled fairly generously but tried to keep the colours separate. 

Spritzing then with a water spray activates all the wonderful Brusho crystals. I allowed the colours to naturally merge together as I continued to spray the water and gently tilted my paper to enable an even/continuous flow of colour.

The image below shows how the colours have settled onto the paper and mixed together yet keeping the bullseye area. The yellow area will now become the glow form the light of the lantern.

I allowed the washes to dry naturally and then drew out my lantern and tree branches.

Once I was happy with my design I began to paint in the lantern using dark brown brusho that I mixed together in a palette. Using a small brsh with a fine point makes capturing the details much easier for me.

I paid particular attention to painting a broken line which allows for a more natural feel and as though the light is diluting the colours.

I also used the dark brown to paint in the fine branches.

I finished off the lantern by painting in a few shadows using black brusho. (again by mixing on a palette)

Then comes the really fun bit with EXpandIT. I absolutely love this stuff!!!

using a palette knife I spread large raised up areas of EXpandIT over the branches and underneath the lantern.

Applying heat with a heat gun makes the ExpandIT explode into popcorn texture which is just perfect for the effect of snow.

My final touches were created by using white acrylic paint, just to fill in the foreground, white light inside the lantern, add a bit more to the snowy branches and flicking a splattering the background to depict falling snowflakes.

I really enjoyed painting this little scene, it makes me feel all 'wintery' and cosy and framed up it has taken a space in my festive decoration in my hallway at home. 
let us know what you think. And if you have a go at creating something with Brusho we would love to hear from you and see what you get up to.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Wood Slice Christmas home decor with Ewelina


It's 6th December today and in Poland, where I come from, we celebrate St Nicholas day. As random as it might sound, every child in Poland loves St Nick as he brings presents to all the good kids on the 6th. I am sure that some of you are thinking...'What??? Even more presents??? That's just crazy!!!' Well... I kind of agree but at the same time... kind of miss waking up in the morning and checking what little goodies were waiting for me at the bottom of my bed. 

With this nostalgic mood in my head, I started playing with a slice of wood that I have bought a while ago - I have only two left out of the 8 I bought so decided it was time to put one of them good use. 

This is how my Christmassy piece of home decor was created!

All I used was Brusho powders and ExpandIT medium. It was fun and quick (the most time-consuming was the drying of all the surfaces).

The colourful wood slice is now proudly living one a sideboard in my living room reminding my whole family that it's time to take the Christmas tree out and decorate it...

Here's the whole process video for you:

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment.

See you soon!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Handmade christmas cards by Kate


last time I made for you video tutorial with different backgrounds for your cards. I used many tools, stamps and not all of you do have those at home. So today I will show you how easily you can create original christmas cards just with Colourcraft paints. 

For these two cards I used Aztec Eco Mettalic Lustre Paints. They are so awesome for paper. I hand painted different christmas motives on black card stock. Nothing complicated, just easy brush strokes, I am not artist but I love painting with Aztec paints. My tip is to use always some dark background for Metallic paint, it is complicated for photo shooting but it looks so awesome in reality. You can use any of Mettalic paint even red and purple, I mixed more colours on my first card, second one is just gold in different tones. In reality are cards much nicer and interesting. 

For second design I took Brushos and I painted background in christmas colours green and red. I used my favourite Leaf green and Scarlet red and Moss green. I just added sticker with czech setntiment Merry christmas and happy new year. And because I am cardmaker and it is boring to make all the time just square or rectangle cards I decided to make shaped card, but this design looks awesome also on square cards so do not hesitate and try it too. It is so relaxing to paint your own cards and believe me that people will be so honoured to get such lovely card from you. Because they can buy everything but not your art, art is something more, something special and not everybody is gifted to do it but everybody can try it and because you are here at Colourcraft blog and you read my article you know how to make your card. 

Have a nice day
Kate Dachovska

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Christmas Tree by Sarah

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would do another Christmas project for you today as it ties in with a workshop I am doing at Stampers Grove in Edinburgh today and this is the exact project we will be making..

This is an A4 sized chipboard christmas tree on a slotted stand, and I will explain the stages below on how  I created it..

  • Step 1 paint the whole tree in a layer of white gesso to protect the chipboard and prepare the surface
  • Step 2 add your bits n bobs, I went for gears and steam punk bits n bobs adhere with matte medium
  • Step 3 once dry apply another layer of gesso
  • Step 4 once dry apply your colourcraft acrylis spray mists, aztec lustres and shimmer spray mists.
  • Step 5 Dry your spray and dry brush with aztec metallic paints

This will allow you to colour co-ordinate your tree with your christmas colour scheme in the home

Plus it is a great way to use up all your bits n bobs you have lying around and turn it into something quite special and unique!

I hope you like today's project and I shall see you all again in a couple of weeks
Sarah x

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